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A copy of the March Launch issue of Feminessence® Magazine
A copy of the September Feminessence® Magazine
A copy of Unlock Your Feminessence® Code

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Empowering Stories of Female Leaders who said YNot


From the trauma of divorce and heartbreak, the emotional roller coaster of IVF and chronic anxiety to childhood stress, illness, and depression, this is a book about women empowering women.

When life sends us challenges, it takes a strong woman to stand up, face them head on and reclaim her power. The amazing women portrayed in this collection achieved this by asking themselves one simple question. YNot?

Embrace Your Feminessence

A must read for every woman who wants to embrace their power

Featuring: Diana von Welanetz Wentworth, Kathryn Morrow, Genene Wilson, Louise L Kallaway, Cathy Skiperdene, Sharna Southan, Genevieve Searle, Charmaine Adam, Helen Williams, Leanne Kanzler, Wendy Marquenie, Rhonda Swan, Dee McKee, Aldwyn Altuney, Tara Jane, Kortney B Murray, Michelle Beltran.

It’s never too late to embrace the magic of YOU! Discover how to strip back the layers of duty, fear, and expectation that have been holding you back and harness the power of your Feminessence®. Unlock your true potential; unapologetically, confidently, gracefully.

SPH Trilogy Bundle Box

Secure your limited edition box set of the very first Feminessence® trilogy. 

This luxe box set is the ultimate empowerment collection, with each book filled with the stories of women just like you, who have walked through adversity, to now have a true acceptance of themselves and their unique feminessence, and are committed showing up fully in their lives. Unapologetically. Confidently. Gracefully.

YiseGuys: Anthology by Russ Moore

Amazon Best-Seller

The sole aim of YiseGuys is to bring together Men from different walks of life, nationalities, careers and cultures to share their experiences and tell their stories. In today’s society, we need more Men to step forward, open up and speak their truths so others who seek direction have examples of paths to follow, paths that may well deliver them from troubled lives.

Unlock Your Feminessence® Code

Amazon Best-Seller in 4 Categories

Now available in paperback, ‘Unlock Your Feminessence® Code’ is a must read for any woman wanting to reclaim their power.

Order yours today and join the Feminessence® Movement.

Evolving by Louise L. Kallaway

Amazon Best-Seller in 3 Categories

Best-selling Author Louise L. Kallaway launches another insightful book as part of her Life Education Series.

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