Unlock Your Feminessence® Code

A must read for every woman who wants to reclaim their power.

Featuring Michele Jones, Bec Bucci and Ruth Posterino.
Co-Authors include: Genene Wilson, Min Melgar, Linda del Amor, Aldwyn Altuney, Louise L. Kallaway, Cathy Dimarchos, Kerri Speyers, Helen Froling, Ann Tomlinson, Savannah Falzon, Elissa Scott, Samantha Richards, Catherine Skiperdene, Shantelle Saiville, Jennifer Annette and Carol Aravena.


Somewhere along the way it got lost. Was it between jobs, or between marriage and kids…or maybe it was both!

Your Feminessence® (as we like to call it) is your true essence that makes you who you are. It’s the juicy deliciousness that forms part of every fibre of your being. It’s your uniqueness that endears people to you – if you haven’t felt that for a while, you definitely need this book!

The women in this book have boldy and bravely poured their heart and soul into sharing the moments when they unlocked their own Feminessence®.

Through their experince, words and guidance, they will show you how to crack the code too.