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Whether you are starting your publishing journey or continuing it, Sharanis Publishing House can help. We all know that anything in print is still the most credible way to grow your profile and at Sharanis Publishing House we help you become an Author in one of our many Anthologies, publish your own book, or get featured in our National magazine. 

For some, the publishing journey can be quite overwhelming. We hear all the time that our clients don’t have time to profile themselves or become a published Author. Leave that part to us, that’s Y we are here after all. 

Not all publishing is done right and at Sharanis Publishing House, we are very select with who we work with and hand choose our team from all corners of the world to provide you, our client, with the absolute best service in the industry. 

So today, make the best decision you can make for yourself and your business and get in touch with one of our friendly team, so we can get you published. 

It’s time to stand out from the crowd, gain irresistible credibility and raise your profile today. Let’s turn the page on the next chapter in your journey and click the link below to schedule a call with one of our team. Your book could be the medicine for someone in need.


Feminessence® National Magazine

A leading Women’s empowerment magazine, created with you in mind.

Our Feminessence® magazine is much sought after, by our reader and also women wanting to secure one of our few profiling opportunities.

Our magazine produces two high-end publications per year in March and September. The essence of our Feminessence® movement is to help women truly unleash their feminine essence and be at peace with the belief that they are more powerful, beautiful and resourceful than they ever knew. All by staying true to the one thing that separates them from everyone else… their Feminessence®!


Unlock Your Feminessence® Code

Now available in paperback, ‘Unlock Your Feminessence® Code’ is a must read for any woman wanting to reclaim their power.

Order yours today and join the Feminessence® Movement.

“You and Your Inner Child Today – Journal”

The latest release from multi-Amazon best selling author Louise L. Kallaway is the gorgeous You and Your Inner Child Today Journal.

An interactive journal, helping you build a dream-team higher consciousness with 31 magical messages.

This journal is the perfect companion on your journey of personal growth and creating a life you love.

Embrace Your Feminessence®

It’s never too late to embrace the magic of YOU! Discover how to strip back the layers of duty, fear, and expectation that have been holding you back and harness the power of your Feminessence®. Unlock your true potential; unapologetically, confidently, gracefully.




Live Well After Divorce, by Genene Wilson


The ultimate Women’s guide to rebuilding, post separation. This book is coming soon.

Embrace Your Feminessence®

Embrace Your Feminessence®

Launching late 2021

Our next book in our Feminessence® trilogy is ‘Embrace Your Feminessence®.

First we unlock our Feminessence® and then we embrace it and wear it like our armour.

Be part of this powerhouse book. Limited places available. Contact our team today.

Dear Inner Child

Dear Inner Child is our upcoming compilation book, focusing on the letters we all need to write to our younger selves.

We all have a story inside us. Is is YOUR time to become a co-author in an Amazon Best-Seller?

Be Seen In A National Magazine

Tell Us Your Story

Want to inspire people? Want to spread awareness and create a positive impact to your community and raise your professional profile at the same time? Print is still the most credible way to profile yourself and your business. Cut through the digital noise and stand out from the crowd. Allow your clients to find you with ease, so you can help them. Isn’t that why you started your business in the first place?

We are now receiving applications for our upcoming projects. We have limited places available, so apply today and one of our dedicated team members will be in touch soon.


What Our Clients Say


Great team of professionals, great energy, great commitment, results-oriented and comptetent! Highly recommended! This is a group that gets things done exactly as promised

– Reg Malhotra


Shar, Russ, and the whole team have been amazing in helping bring us all together for Yise Guys, already an Amazon Best Seller, and in helping to produce the chapter. A brilliant experience all around and I would highly recommend working with the team at SHARANIS PUBLISHING HOUSE.”

– Shane Price


Shar is amazing. She has a dream and runs with it. An inspiration to all those around her. I am so pleased that I jumped in and said “Ynot” and trusted Shar Moore and her team implicitly. I was in wonderful company with inspirational and authentic women who co-authored the book. When you are given an opportunity the decision is easy when you know the person and the company you are keeping. I have no hesitation in recommending Sharanis Publishing House.

– Moana Robinson


Sharanis Publishing House has been a dream come true for me and my ‘Life Education’ series of books. There is nothing like working with professionals to set a high standard. They have been inspiring, fast-paced easy to work with and their production and marketing processes take their publishing business to the next level. I feel love in their passion and high energy.  Sharanis Publishing House has been true to their word and honoured all my high expectations. Thank you, Ladies. I highly recommend anyone who feels that their book has the potential to become an Amazon #1 best seller to please contact Sharanis Publishing House. May I say you owe it to yourself.

–  Louise L. Kallaway 


I had the pleasure of working with Shar last year when I was featured in the YMag and the book “Empowering Stories from Female Leaders who said “YNot”. I love Shar’s energy and passion! As well as personally gaining a lot out of the experience! It contributed to my business immensely. “

– Juanita Smith

Meet the Publishers

As best-selling Authors themselves, Shar & Russ know the power of a good story. Books have allowed Shar to stand on cruise ship stages, large conferences around the world and in 2021 deliver her TEDx talk. ‘Without being a published Author, I know that these opportunities wouldn’t have come my way’ says Shar. 

Russ is no stranger to going the extra mile, having worked in senior technical roles his entire career, successfully creating solutions for companies around the world. For the past 4 years, Russ has taken those skills and joined forces with Shar to take Sharanis Publishing House to new heights. His passion for having Men’s stories told, shines through every page of his sell-out YiseGuys book series. 

Together, they are one impressive couple, who along with their talented team are ready to help you make your publishing dreams come true and stand out from the crowd. 

“Books are a gift to future generations and it’s time we all wrote one” says Shar.


Shar & Russ Moore




Previous Award Winning Magazine YMag®

YMag® graced the shelves across Australia for 4 years in print and 8 years online.

Profiling over 80 women in business, YMag® challenged anyone who read it, to truly ask themselves ‘Y do I do what I do. What is my true purpose in life’.